“I was keen to share these accounts of travel and discovery to bring to life the story of each stone that we have chosen, the fruit of incessant research, love of beauty and fascinating encounters. They are stories of that most precious bond, the one between humanity and nature.”

Maura Rastelli
Orsa Maggiore Creative Manager

Blue Opal.
The lightness of creation.

I met Christoph at a mineral and gemstone fair in Germany. He was a blond middle-aged but youthful portly man whose sparkling eyes were of the same blue as the opals he was displaying in his showcases, resting on small piles of red sand or stones smudged with their own dust.

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Tanzanite. . Luminous geometry.

Steve is a seemingly ageless man with ash blond hair and sky-blue eyes, intense and profoundly expressive. Eyes that speak of distant lands, of journeys and of a love of gems in every corner of the world.

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Red Tourmaline.
Pure beauty.

His name is Riccardo but his friends call him “The African”. An expert gemmologist and a great friend of mine, he lives between Zambia and Zimbabwe, where he collects the most extraordinary stones that generous mother Africa has to offer.

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Titanium. Delicate power.

Lengthy research and incessant experimentation led us to titanium: a metal that is delicate and light and, at once, strong and resistant, it designs and supports the bold architecture of our Orsa Maggiore creations.

. Innovative, precious and anallergic, insofar as it has to be worked in great detail and only in small creations, titanium is a challenge even for the most skilful jeweller. Its colours can only be produced with steam using an ecological anodising technique that regulates the different shades, from the most delicate to the most vibrant, according to temperature. Titanium matches or contrasts with the stone it embraces, remaining neutral alongside the potent and salutary energy of the crystal.

Smoky and rutilated quartz.
Healing the soul.

Anaflavia is blonde with eyes the colour of ice. She’s Brazilian but she bears the Norman origins of her ancestors, who emigrated from the South of Italy in the early 20th century. Landing at her home city of São Paulo is always a huge thrill.

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The inaccessible marvel.

Imagine the lofty peaks of Pakistan, where the air is so rarefied and nature so wild that there is no space for human presence. Only a few searchers have the courage and ability to venture up the steep pathways to reach the highest mountaintops.

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Meteorite. A fragment of sky.

I never imagined that one day I would come back from a journey with a collection of gemstones from the sky. And yet, among the impromptu stalls and showcases of a street market in a medieval village in Alsace, against a backdrop of snow-peaked mountains, I discovered that fragments of the stars can be found on earth.

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Cobaltoan Calcite.
The stone of joy.

I discovered cobaltoan calcite in a story in which the words, steeped in emotion and enchantment, followed one another with the rhythm of a fairy tale. The teller was Katrina, a crystal expert who opened the narrow doors of gems to me.

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Uvarovite. Universal harmony.

It was thanks to a group of bold, rough miners whose identity was a mystery that I discovered these very rare and little-known stones. They come from the majestic Urals and were given their name by a geologist in the early 19th-century in honour of Count Sergei Uvarov.

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