The meeting of the most spectacular natural stones and the most innovative materials gives life to a revolutionary way of conceiving and wearing jewellery. Orsa Maggiore creations work their magic not only with their preciousness but also with the rarityand naturalness of their stunning gemstones, left intact and framed by delicate architectures. Research, experimentation and mastery of the goldsmith’s art have combined to create a new world of jewels for women with strong, distinctive personalities. Every piece is unique. No replicas or reproductions – just true, precious, unconventional beauty.


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Orsa Maggiore is a journey in search of rare stones of attractive intact beauty. Every gem has a story to tell, a legend that makes it special and unique, a potent energy that enwraps the wearer. Incredible stones that are not cut but deftly shaped to make them easy to wear, while maintaining their pure, natural beauty. Discovering the stories behind them from the words of gemmologist Maura Rastelli, founder of Orsa Maggiore with her brother Corrado, one becomes a protagonist of this precious, thrilling journey.



The finest metals, sophisticated forms and light volumes give this collection a beauty that is at once precious and delicate. The most unusual stones are enwrapped, embraced and supported by very fine titanium threads, which add essential, absolute elegance to the creations.

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The preciousness of gold and the vivacity of nature’s most colourful stones give life to a collection of jewellery that releases potent, vibrant, luminous energy. Rare minerals set like sculptures interplay in lively, nimble constructions. A creation of inimitable charm to wear every day.

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Like the star from which its name is stolen, this collection illuminates and enchants with the rarity and preciousness of its stones. Minerals of incredible purity combine with the elegance of gold, the splendour of diamonds and the lightness of titanium in its softest, most supple form. The result is amazing creations, unique jewellery of the highest quality craftsmanship.

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Every Orsa Maggiore piece is characterised by a golden spiral, the maison’s signature and leitmotiv. This precious curl is both a magnetically beautiful decorative ornamentation and a functional element that not only secures the jewel but also transforms it so it can be modulated to the wearer’s whim. This charming symbolic seal makes each creation all the more extraordinary and personal.

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