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We are proud to introduce you to our creations, where design meets the timeless beauty of uncut gemstones.
Each jewel is a unique piece, crafted to become your own masterpiece.
Get ready to transforming your jewel as many times as your heart desires, ensuring it always remains as unique as you are.

We wanted each piece to be a harmonious blend of nature’s finest gemstones, perfect to capture the essence of your personal journey.

Embrace the freedom to redefine your jewelry and let Orsa Maggiore be the canvas for your ever-evolving story of precious, unconventional beauty.

See how many jewels you can create with a single gemstone:

We believe collecting the world’s most exquisite gemstones is a form of art. From the vibrant depths of exotic lands to the serene shores of distant seas, we seek out Nature’s most stunning treasures. Each gemstone, carefully selected for its unparalleled beauty and rarity, becomes an integral element of Orsa Maggiore’s creations. These gems, with their unique hues and captivating brilliance, are the soul of our jewellery. Framed with our signature golden spiral, they become timeless pieces that echo the wonders of the world. Here some examples:

Orsa Maggiore brings back the enchanting tradition of multi-purpose jewelry, so common in Renaissance courts. Imagine a single exquisite gemstone, effortlessly transitioning from a captivating ring to an elegant pendant, or even a delicate bracelet. This versatility, once cherished by nobility, is now yours to embrace.

Our innovative designs empower you to express your unique style, choosing the perfect setting for your favourite gemstones. Whether it adorns your finger, graces your neckline, or wraps around your wrist, your jewel remains a constant companion, evolving with your mood and occasion.

Transforming your Orsa Maggiore jewel is a very simple, yet enchanting experience. At the heart of every piece lies a golden spiral, our signature and leitmotif. This precious curl is not only a magnetically beautiful ornament but also a functional element of our creations. It secures your jewel with grace and ease, allowing you to transform it effortlessly to suit your desires. With a simple twist, your ring becomes a pendant, or your pendant a bracelet. This charming symbolic seal makes each creation unique and profoundly personal.

Some inspiration for your next precious creation:

See how each piece enhances and transforms, complementing your elegance and individuality:

With Orsa Maggiore gemstones and versatile settings, you can mix and match with no limitations.

See how easily a precious and colorful necklace can turn into an unusual belt and, why not, be enriched with the most precious of aquamarines.

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Explore the kaleidoscope of shapes, colours, and hues that define Orsa Maggiore Jewels. Dive into our world, where precious gemstones and innovative design await to captivate your senses.

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