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unique crystals

We have always enjoyed seeking out unique rare crystals that have character and a story to tell.

On our travels round the world, we select stones exclusive for rarity, form, colour and uniqueness to play a starring role in our jewellery.

Just as every crystal is unique, so is every jewel we create, each a wearable work of art.


Titanium is the innovative material par excellence in the world of high jewellery.

It was our love of study and experimentation and our vision, constantly projected towards the future, that led us to this exclusive, innovative metal.

The metal’s biocompatibility makes it safe to wear and totally anallergic. This is one of the reasons why we chose commercially pure 3 and 4 grade titanium for our creations.

It is a complex metal to work with and it posed us more than a few tough technical challenges. Which is why it took years of experimentation to achieve the high level of quality that marks our jewels today.

Thanks to titanium, we produce exclusive, unique, fine jewels that make every crystal a wearable work of art.

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